Your options when it comes to booking a taxi

Getting around is important. There are lots of ways to do it. One of the most popular options is a taxi, but is it the best? Should you take a bus, or rent a car? Let’s take a look.


If you’re visiting from across the pond, you can’t bring your car. Luckily, rental car services are everywhere. If you have a license that’s valid in the UK, and plan on a lot of sightseeing in far-flung locations, you might want to consider this for your next trip. Rental car services are offered to anyone, from tourists to outright taxi rentals – although you should always consider using a licensed taxi company.

Public Transit

Taking the bus or train is a very affordable option. Consider booking an inexpensive hotel away from your destination, and taking the train. You’ll save money and avoid traffic. However, you’ll have to stay on a strict schedule. If you’re out too late, you could miss your ride home.


It seems like taxis are everywhere, all the time. With some taxi hire services, you can book a ride in advance, or simply step out in the street and flag one down.

Taxis can be expensive depending on what city you’re in. Some go as high as £3.11 per mile, or as low as £2.15. It may be best to do your research beforehand if you’re not completely sure. Fares vary from place to place. Consider bringing a little extra quid for unexpected expenses.


Uber is an app that’s rocking the transportation industry. Though Uber was born in Pittsburgh, it’s since spread across the world, including the UK.

Uber is unique. Anyone can drive for Uber, so there have been concerns about safety. However, its appeal outweighs the risks. You can schedule a ride, or simply summon one with a tap of a button. With Uber, you don’t have to step into the street and wave frantically. Let your phone do all the work.

Additionally, Uber’s payment is seamless. You can get in and out of the car without ever exchanging physical cash. It’s all done electronically, even tipping. This streamlined process is likely why Uber is gaining such popularity. So if you’re technologically savvy, consider Uber next time you need a ride.

Which To Use

Ultimately, whatever service you use is up to you. Before you leave, consider cross-referencing your itinerary with the local bus routes and taxi fares. There are lots of options, no matter where you are.